VSEC 2024 Theme – Science Awareness – Global Warming

In a significant move towards addressing subjects of national importance and recognizing that even the smallest contributions can promote substantial changes, Mr Sabu Soumian (Chairman,Vidya International Charitable Trust (VICT) has approved the topic “Global Warming” under the Theme of VSEC 2024 – Science Awareness.The subject Global Warming has been chosen as the topic of relevance in the current scenario of the Govt of India addressing the issues of climate change and targeting Net Zero carbon emissions.

The decision was taken through discussions with Er P K Asokan (Chief Patron VICT), Mr Thilakkan K K, (Executive Committee Member,VICT), Adv. P N Uniirajan IPS Retd. (Director of VSEC, and Director – Administration, VICT), the VSEC advisory Committee members in the meeting held on 11 April 2024.

The initial programmes would include workshops for VSEC students and faculty members, followed by various other programmes like online/offline sessions for school children based on preparatory modules and reaching to the society through planned programmes for Panchayat. Dr Sharmila Chattopadyay (Science Educator, US returned Professor) would be the resource person for the initial workshop for the VSEC Team members.