Tribute to Dr Sudha Balagopalan by Applied Science & MCA

After more than two decades of exemplary service with the role as Lecturer , Professor, Head of the EEE Dept, Principal and Dean-Academics, Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean-Academics) bids farewell to Vidya.Honoring ceremonies were arranged by departments to thank her constant cooperation and wider horizons in which the scope of the academic environment of Vidya expands, to include and achieve the vision, mission and objectives that have been set for it.

Applied Science & Humanities Dept

The relationships with Dr Sudha enriched the activities of Dept and have contributed important ways to the staff members in the Dept . To convey their appreciation and admiration towards Dr Sudha Balagopalan, the Dept arranged a get together on 27 March 2024 .

Dr Jiby Jose (Professor,HOD, AS Dept) fondly remembered the successful stories of accomplishments and Dr Sudha’s willingness in serving as resource person to address the recent advances and challenges in applied mathematics and neuroscience significant to engineering and technology in the recently conducted International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Nanoscience (ICAMN 2024) The staff members also reminisced Dr Sudha’s contribution in various capacities as recourse person , convener, organizing committee head for different National and International level programs including that of National Science Day AION : Science-Fest for several years , International Conference on Discrete and Applied Mathematics (ICDAM – 2020) etc.

At the end of the ceremony, the Dept presented a remembrance gift in appreciation for her efforts and work over the years. With a heartfelt speech, in which Dr Sudha thanked and appreciated the Dept and the efforts put by the Dept over the past years she is proud of having confident outward facing excellence.

Dept of Computer Applications

To honor and spotlight many varied and pathbreaking accomplishments that was nitiated by Dr Sudha, the Dept of Computer Applications arranged a saluting ceremony on 08 April 2024 .

Dr Reji C Joy (Professor & HoD, MCA) recollected Dr Sudha’s involvement, she had connect within the institution’s team all through her work and performance, and the role she played in order to extend, update and push forward the academic atmosphere in Vidya. The staff members who spoke on the occasion evoked Dr Sudha’s long history as an education trailblazer that served as a catalyst towards academic excellence of the Dept.

The Dept presented gifts as a token of gratitude for her remarkable contributions – a mixture of proficient integrity and humaneness. The bottle art done by Ms Gatha Bimal (daughter of Ms Salkala K S (Asst Prof, MCA) really made some incredibly sweet sentiments to Dr Sudha.

Dr Sudha thanked everyone for their constant cooperation to serve the work and advance it towards wider horizons to expands academic environment of Vidya, to achieve the vision, mission and aims that have been set for it.