Industrial Visit Provided a unique insight in the world of transformers to S8 ECE A Batch students

With an aim to understand the process of  transformers overhauling,re-winding, testing etc, an Industrial Visit (IV) was conducted to S8 ECE A Batch students during 04-11 March 2024. The faculty members Ms Snehalatha O J  (Asst Prof, ECE Dept) and  Mr BIju  P V (Asso Prof, ME Dept) led the visit.

Sreeja Electricals, Goa

Sreeja Electricals holds a couple of licenses to repair & service up to 110 KV substation. They also repair service and commission electrical power transformers up to 100 MVA. In the past 20 years, they have extended their service fields to industrial, Agricultural,Hospital and Educational sections by servicing over 700 small, medium scale industries in Goa and nearby areas. The visit to Sreeja electrical provided a unique insight in the world of transformers. The students identified the intricate process sof transformer overhauling, re-winding, testing,etc. Overall this visit provided a comprehensive understanding on the world of transformers.

Goa State Co Op Milk Producers Union Limited
Goa Dairy, inaugurated in 1971, is a cooperative union serving 178 rural dairy societies in Goa with 19,100 farmer families as members. It processes 65,000 liters of milk daily and operates a modern plant with a capacity of 110,000 liters per day. It supplies 95,000 liters of milk daily through 440 Milk Booths and 850 Distribution Agencies.

In this industrial visit students were able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the machineries used in milk processing. They observe the operation of modern equipment within the dairy plant, which has a capacity of 65,000 liters of milk processed daily. The students learned about the various stages of milk processing, from pasteurization to packaging. Additionally, they had opportunity to interact with experts who also explained the functions and significance of each machinery in ensuring the quality and efficiency of milk production. This hands-on experience enhances their knowledge of dairy technology and its role in meeting consumer demands effectively

Hearty appreciations to all involved !!!