Mr Shaji O R – fortified with two decades of experience and a deep understanding with grace and elegance – Vidya wishes a splendid retirement life

In the vast realm of technical education, amidst the shiny laboratories and active classrooms, there survives a group of persons whose dedication and skills often go unseen. They are the lab instructors, the silent guardian of technical exploration.

Mr Shaji toiled behind the scenes,working tirelessly to ensure that Chemistry laboratory procedures run efficiently and competently. From running resources and administrative duties Mr Shaji’s multifaceted roles include a myriad of tasks that he managed to the best of his ability.
Mr Shaji has given a major portion of 21 years of his life to Vidya.

Mr Shaji O R (Lab Assistant Grade II, Applied Sciences Dept) who had the privilege of serving as a lab assistant at the Chemistry Lab for more than two decades steps down from Vidya, subsequent on completing 56 years of age on 31 May 2023.

Magnificent Farewell arranged by Applied Sciences Dept

The Dept of Applied Sciences organized a touching farewell ceremony with a cordial invitation all the staff members of Vidya. Staff members from various sessions , former colleagues of Mr Shaji attended the function. Mr Shaji’s family (Ms Sheeja (wife),Ms Midhuna(daughter),Mr Milan (son) and grand children Meenakshi and Gazal) was also invited as special guests and they also presented on the occasion.THe AS Dept presented memento and valuable gifts as a token of reverence and gratefulness of the laudable and steadfast support rendered by Mr Shaji for the past 21 years. Dr. Jiby Jose (HoD, AS Dept) delivered welcome address in which she touched upon his commendable contribution to the overall growth of Chemistry Lab and Dept that filled with passion for information, the quest for knowledge, and the eagerness for empowerment.

The heads of Departments Dr Abhilasha P S (CE Dept) , Dr Ramani Bai V (CSE Dept), Dr S Swapna Kumar (ECE, Dept), Dr Mary P Varghese (EEE Dept) and Dr Reji C Joy (MCA Dept) recollected their fond memories associated with him.Dr Sobha A P (Prof in Chemistry, AS Dept) and Dr Vineetha C P (Asso Prof in Chemistry, AS Dept) reminisced the significant support and contributions that helped them in ensuring the smooth functioning of Chemistry lab. They stressed Mr Shaji’s social commitments and his contributions were acknowledged, totaling a sense of pleasure to the occasion.Dr Satheesh S (former HoD, AS Dept) evoked the renovation period that Mr Shaji’s capacity to navigate the difficulties. Mr Sudhan K R (Instructor Grade II, ME Dept) recollected their long-serving tenure of 21 years, Ms Asha N Nair (former Asst Prof, AS Dept) also spoke on the occasion.A video filled with the memories of Mr Shaji was revealed which created an emotional roller coaster for everyone.

Emotions met high at Mr Shaji’s speech and conveyed his thankfulness and opened up with a wealth of facts about affluent academic experiences, frontiers of knowledge etc. He fondly remembered the tireless efforts that have been made several iconic personalities in Vidya who left us for heavenly abode including that of Dr D Balakrishnan (Founder Academic Director), Er K R Brahmadathan (Founder Executive Director, VICT) and Ms Ashitha T A (former faculty member in Physics, AS Dept).With great sense of gratitude he shared the immense support offered by Ms Nimya M G (Lab Assistant, AS Dept) and remembered the incidents of accomplishments and her willingness to address many of his margins.

The farewell song that sung by Dr S Swapna Kumar reflected as a synchronization of the event.The farewell was lively with active participation as the AS Dept meticulously planned every detail to make it within a couple of days that all the attendees, Mr Shaji’s family and well wishers would cherish forever.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending solemn gratitude to Mr Shaji for your unwavering dedication to the pursuit of knowledge that shape the minds of future innovators and fostering a journey of growth as beacons of optimism, guiding the next generation of engineers toward a brighter tomorrow . Happy retired life !!!