CE Dept observes World Environment Day as a powerful tool for fostering environmental awareness

The observance of Environmental Day by educational institutions is a powerful tool for fostering environmental awareness and encouraging sustainable practices within the student community. It helps to build a culture of environmental responsibility and can lead to significant positive impacts among the future citizens.

With this esteem goal, Dept of Civil Engineering celebrated world environmental day on 05 June 2024. First year students together with staff members of civil department planted saplings in Vidya Campus. Housekeeping and security personal staff members shared their happiness by participating in this commendable activity that gave importance of keeping the environment clean as well as saving.

The saplings were also distributed to students who appeared the Kerala Engineering, Architecture, and Medical Entrance Exam (KEAM 2024) in the college campus .

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to the entire CE Dept on this noble endeavor that creates awareness among people about the importance of environment and plays an integral role in preserving the stability of ecosystem !!!