MCA Dept organises internal FDP on web hosting

On 12.01.2018, the MCA Dept of the College organised an internal FDP on “Web Hosting” for the benefit of the faculty members of the Dept. For this purpose the Dept. purchased (with a generous sponsorship by the Head of Department) a web hosting package for Linux server with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space and unlimited number of subdomains. The domain name “” was awarded along with the package. The FDP was held as a fully hands on session moderated by Mr Sajay K R and Mr Dijesh P both Associate Professors in the Dept., with the aim of giving practice in hosting websites. The Dept. has plans to organise similar programmes with more advanced content for the  faculty of MCA Dept. and also for the benefit of other interested persons in the College and outside. (The image above shows a screenshot of the home page of .)

Screenshot of the subdomain