Due to heavy demand, MCA Dept organises Chip-to-Net a second time this year

The MCA Dept of the College organised a two-day workshop christened ChiptoNet 3.1 for the students of neighboring arts and science colleges during 06-07 February 2018. As many as 40 students from eight different arts and science colleges participated in the workshop. The inaugural ceremony of the workshop was held on 06.02.2018 in the Seminar Hall of the MCA Department.

The Dept had organised a similar workshop christened Chip-to-Net 3.0 during 30-31.01.2018. As many as 55 students had participated in that workshop. The Dept faculty, staff and students were extremely pleased to note that  there was a huge demand for participation in the workshop and so with much pleasure and satisfaction the Dept decided to organise a similar workshop a second time. Chip-to-Net 3.1 was exactly a repeat of Chip-to-Net 3.0.

For a detailed report on Chip-to-Net 3.0, click HERE.

As in Chip-to-Net 3.0, the activities included training in website creation using Google Sites, playing around with hardware parts, creating a video presentation and uploading it in YouTube, developing a small game using the Scratch software and learning web-hosting. Each participant was given an individualized domain name and web space. Each of these activities was presented in the format of “Learning with a Prize”.

Prize winners

The following are the details of the winners of the various competitions.

(i)    Google sites creation contest

Prize Winner Link to prize winning site
First Prize Siljo P J, Christ College, Irinjalakuda  thrissivaperoorcliptham
Second Prize Krishnendu P, Prajyothi Niketan College, Pudukad  hogwartsreload
Third Prize Adeena Niswa Latheef, Prajyothi Niketan College, Pudukad nizwamala0369

(ii)    Games creation contest

Prize Winner
First Prize Sandeep K A, Don Bosco College, Mannuthy
Second Prize Krishnendu P, Prajyothi Niketan College, Pudukad
Third Prize Aseel K Ali, Mar Osthatheos College, Perumpilavu

(iii)    Video creation contest

First Prize winning team:

  1. Bhavya Benny K, St Thomas College, Thrissur
  2. Hashis K S, St Thomas College, Thrissur
  3. Ananthu M S, St Thomas College, Thrissur
Images of Chip-to-Net 3.1