NSS’s Arogya Jagratha 2018 campaign in Kunnamkulam

The NSS units of Vidya, in association with Kunnamkulam Municipality, organized “Arogya Jagratha 2018”, a camapaign to create awareness about measures to be taken to prevent the spread of epidemics during the monsoon season, at Kunnamkulam on 11 June 2018. As part of the campaign, the NSS volunteers posted stickers containing the message “My Waste, My Responsibility” on the walls of the shops in the Kunnamkulam Municipality area.

The campaign was officially inaugurated by Ms Seetha Raveendran, Chairperson, Kunnamkulam Municipality, by posting a sticker on the door of a hotel. Mr P M Suresh, Vice-Chairman, presided the function. Ms Suma Gangadharan (Standing Committee Chairman), Ms Misha Sebastian (Standing Committee Chairman), Mr Shaji Aalikal (Standing Committee Chairman), Mr K K Manoj (Secretary), Mr K S Lakshmanan (Health Supervisor), Mr P R Stanly (Health Inspector), Mr Anil M (NSS Programme Officer) and Mr Sundaran (Chamber of Commerce Representative) participated in the programme. As many as 250 NSS volunteers actively participated in the campaign.

The NSS volunteers distributed handouts containing the information about methods for disease prevention, garbage processing and management. The volunteers divided themselves into groups and visited homes in Kunnamkulam Municipality area under the guidance of Councilors and Kudumbasree members. The NSS team assessed the health and environmental situations in each place and gave necessary guidance to people on how they could adopt preventive measures against infectious diseases.

The closing ceremony of the campaign was held at Kunnamkulam Town Hall.