Sameeksha and ECE Dept organise 3-day soft skill training for Polytechnic College students

Sameeksha, the Trainers’ Club of Vidya, along with the ECE Dept of the College, organized a three-day soft skill training programme for the students of Nedupuzha Women’s Polytechnic College during 20 – 22 June 2018. Around 45 students participated in the programme.

Over the three days, participants were given sessions on various aspects of personality attributes which are commonly referred to as soft skills. These included sessions on motivation, non-verbal communication, stress management, importance of team work, leadership qualities, etc. There was also a special session on adolescent issues. There were group discussion sessions and also a session on making a good PowerPoint presentation. The organisers took the participants for a guided tour of the Labs of the ECE Dept and there was an interesting session devoted to career and higher study options after acquiring a Diploma in ECE.

The sessions were handled by the Sameeksha team members Mr Hareesh K (AP, ME Dept), Mr Alex Chacko (AP, ME Dept), Ms Divya R (AP, Humanities Dept), Dr Jiby Jose (Prof, AS Dept), Mr Anil Paul (AP, ME Dept), Ms Swapana E  V M (AP, ECE Dept) and Ms Lakshmi (AP, PE Dept). Faculty members from ECE Dept Mr Ramesh CR and Mr Anil M and faculty member from EEE Dept Mr Arun Xavier also handled certain sessions.