Honouring entrepreneurial talent

Vidya’s Computer Applications Association, fondly called ViCA, organised a special congratulatory programme in the Main Seminar Hall of the College during the afternoon session on 4 October 2019. The programme presided over by Dr V N Krishnachandran (Prof and Head, MCA Dept) and attended by all the students, faculty and staff of the MCA Dept was organised to appreciate and honour certain achievements and talents of the students of the Dept. One of the main items of the programme was honouring entrepreneurial talent among the students of the Dept.

The ViCA representatives conducted an informal survey of the students of the MCA Dept to identify those students who had exhibited some entrepreneurial talent. As many as 19 students were identified: three students studying in the first semester MCA class, nine students in the third semester and seven students in the fifth semester. ViCA did not bother to ascertain whether these students would be treated as entrepreneurs in a strictly legalistic terms. All these students are running small legal “businesses” and earning some money. Given the right environment, enthusiastic support and proper guidance, all these students have the potential to blossom into great entrepreneurs.

All the 19 students were presented with individually crafted mementos in recognition of their talents. The mementos were presented by Dr V N Krishnachandran (Prof and Head, MCA Dept).

A few special entrepreneurs

Among these 19 students, three have already established a mark in society in their own small way:

  • Malavika Mohan (S5 MCA) who has been running a dance school christened “Samarppanam” for the last four years (Malavika was once featured in these pages in a report titled “Malavika Mohan becomes first to present Ashtapadi in Kuchipudi style at Guruvayoor”. Click HERE for details.)
  • Febin (S5 MCA) who runs a small company by name “Adya Web Developers”
  • Nazreen Mansoor (S3 MCA) who runs an entity named “The Organisoholic Girl” which deals with customised and individualised presentation items (Nazreen’s creations were once featured in these pages. Click HERE for details.)

Febin receiving the memento

Nazreen speaking

Malavika receiving the memento

Febin’s company

Nazreen’s creation

Malavika on stage at Guruvayur