Vidya’s NSS volunteer selected to attend Pre-Republic Day Parade Camp

Anjana P ( S5 B Tech ECE A) , a Volunteer Secretary of the NSS Technical Cell of Vidya, has been selected to attend the Pre-Republic Day (2020) Parade Camp to be held at National College, Trichy, during 16 – 25 October 2019. The entire Vidya family looks forward to seeing Anjana P marching along with other 199 NSS volunteers in the Republic Day Parade in 2020.
Every year, a month long Republic Day Parade Camp is organised from 1st to 31st January at New Delhi in which 200 NSS Volunteers and 15 NSS Programme Officers representing all the States/UTs participate. On 26th January, the NSS contingent march on Rajpath. They also get an opportunity to have an interaction with the President, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of India respectively.The volunteers for the Camp are selected based on the performance of volunteers attending the Pre-Republic Day Parade Camps held in different parts of the country.
Vidya’s student in Republic Day Parade in 2019
Sreehari A M, NSS Volunteer Secretary of Vidya, was selected to be a member of the Republic Day Contingent and was a part of the Republic Day Parade at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi, on 26 January 2019.