EEE staff honoured for his contributions to arts

Anand E T

Vidyalayam Prathibhakalotoppam” is a project of the Department of General Education of Kerala Govt which envisages recognsing and honouring individuals who are living in the immediate neighbourhood of an school and who have made outstanding contributions in the fields of arts, sports and literatutre by the students and teachers of an school. The project envisages visiting and interacting with such individuals at their homes. The project was formally launched on the Children’s day of this year and is expected to conclude on 28 November 2019.  As part of this project,  LMUP School Perumbilavu, Thrissur District, selected Mr Anand E T (Trade Instructor, EEE Dept) of Vidya for the honouring ceremony for his contributions to the performing arts particularly in District, State and University zonal level arts festivals.

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