KSEB borrows EEE Dept’s Vyvidh pavilion for exhibition at Wadakkanchery!

A good work well appreciated and recognised!

As part of EEE Dept’s Vyvidh’20 show, the organisers had put together on display a host of models of various electrical power systems, like hydroelectric power plant, substations, wind mill farms, solar thermal power plant, etc. All the visitors greatly enjoyed the show and the show even caught the attention of the officials of Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB).

The officials of KSEB were so impressed with the show that they borrowed the models for displaying in the stall of KSEB in the Exhibition being organised as part of the Pooram at Uthralikavu Temple, Wadakkanchery. The models made by students of EEE Dept of Vidya under the guidance of Mr Vishnu Rach K R and Mr Deepak V Dev (AP’s, EEE Dept) are on display at Wdakkanchery for 12 days  from 20 February  to 1 March 2020.

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