Enthusiastic learners: CSE faculty and staff complete several online courses

Several faculty and staff members of the CSE Dept of Vidya successfully completed various online courses during March 2020.

IBM Cognitive Class Coursera SoloLearn


C, Chatbox, Cloud, CSS, HTML, Java, PHP, Python,  SQL, Swift
  1. Dr Ramani Bai V (Professor and Head), a course on “How to build the chatbot” by IBM Cognitive Class
  2. Ms Sunitha C (Asso Prof) and Mr Amal Ganesh (AP), the following two online courses and received IBM badges for both:
    • “Python 101 for Data Science” provided by Cognitive Class
    • “Introduction to Cloud” provided by IBM Developer Skills Network
  3. Ms Divya K V (AP), a course on “SQL Fundamentals” offered by SoloLearn
  4. Ms Vidya M (AP) and Ms Mahalakshmy A (AP), a course on “C Tutorial Course” by SoloLearn
  5. Ms Remya P C (AP), the following courses provided by  SoloLearn:
    • “Java Tutorial”
    • “JavaScript”
    • “jQuery”
    • “HTML Fundamentals”
    • “SQL Fundamentals”
  6. Ms Ayana Ajith (AP), a course on “Java Programming” by SoloLearn
  7. Mr Nakulraj K R(Asst. Prof, CSE), the following six online courses.
    • “Online Specialization in Architecting with Google Compute Engine” from Coursera
    • “Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process”, authorized by Google Cloud and offered through Coursera
    • “HTML Fundamentals” by SoloLearn
    • CSS by SoloLearn
    • JavaScript by SoloLearn
    • PHP by SoloLearn
  8. Ms Salitha K K (AP), a course on “Swift 4 Fundamentals” by SoloLearn
  9. Ms Remisha Ravindran (AP), two online courses on “SQL Fundamentals” and “Java Tutorial” by SoloLearn.
  10. Ms Sreeja K (TI), two online courses on “Python 3 Programing” and “HTML Fundamentals” by SoloLearn
  11. Mr Arunlal T M (TI), Ms Lalini K U (TI), Ms Soumya V N (TI) and Mr Arjun K (Technical Assistant), online course on “Python 3 Programing” by SoloLearn