Vidya’s PTA’s efforts to promote talent among students

Vidya’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is committed not only to the advancement of good student-teacher-parent relations but also to recognising and promoting talent among the students. The PTA has implemented several schemes for achieving the latter objective. Two most important such schemes are granting scholarships to financially backward and academically excellent students and awarding prizes to class toppers. The PTA has been running these schemes for the last several years.

Recently as many as 10 students of the 2018 admissions batch have been honoured by the PTA for their proficiency in academics and provided with scholarships worth an amount of Rs 2.5 lakhs. Also, the PTA awarded cash prizes to Class Toppers to as many as 57 students who have excelled in their studies and attained second and third positions in the University examinations. The total value of the cash prizes comes to about Rs 1.42 lakhs. Incidentally, the students who secure the first positions are awarded endowment prizes instituted by several philanthropic individuals and institutions.

Due the current Covid related restrictions, no public function could be organised for the distribution of the scholarships and cash prizes. The amount were electronically transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.