VSEC’s six-day Empowerment Programme for school students concludes

The six-day Empowerment Programme for school children organised by Vidya Social Empowerment Center (VSEC), which was started on 10 January 2022, concluded on 15 January 2022. A brief account of the activities on the first two days of the programme had been reported in the News & Events last week. Here is an account of the activities on the remaining days of the programme.

Ms. Roshni Vijay (AP, CE Dept) and Ms Jiji P J (AP, AS Dept) coordinated the programme under the leadership of Dr Siju K C (Head, VSEC and AP, AS Dept) with the support of VSEC coordinators and student volunteers. Er P K Asokan (Chief Patron, VICT) attended all the sessions as a special guest.

Day 3 (12 January 2022): “Now or never”

In order to enhance the personality and to transform the younger generation into better citizens, VSEC constantly apply efforts with in-house resources and also with outside experts. With this motto, the third online session of VSEC Empowerment Program was conducted on 12 January 2022. Ms. Akhila R (AP, EEE Dept) served as the resource person on the topic “Now nor never”.

Sreelakshmi S (S3 B Tech ECE) anchored the program. Jesto K J (S3 B Tech ECE) coordinated the program with presentation of slides.  Mr Alex Chacko (AP, ME Dept) delivered  the welcome speech.

Ms Akhila through her presentation stirred up the audience to analyse the value of time and explained how each person shall prioritize tasks in life. The magical formula and factors for success in both life and academics and to attain success using these factors were discussed elaborately. The session also included moral stories and videos, which strengthened the depth of the concepts conveyed. Students studying in standards 8 and 9 from various schools attended the session. Mr Praveesh V V (AP, EEE Dept) proposed the vote of thanks.

Day 4 (13 January 2022): “Cyber Security”

In the current technological scenario, where children are increasingly connected to social media and the internet, the concerns of cyber security, cyber bullying, and cyber hygiene are pertinent. Parents too need to be well-informed of what steps they should take to keep their children secure. With this in mind, a session on “Cyber Security”was held on 13 January 2022  with Mr Sajay K R (Asso Prof, MCA Dept)) as the resource person.

Ms Salkala K S (AP, MCA Dept)  introduced the resource person. Mr Sajay K R explained the importance of cyber security in our lives. He explained how an information security expert makes some bold calls for individuals and governments to level up and be more prepared. He also explained the  ever growing trends of cyber threats and attacks.  It was in all a very informative session with many pointers to real life stories. Students from various schools who are studying in  the classes  8, 9 and 11 attended the session.

The vote of thanks was given by Ms  Jucy  Vareed (AP, CSE Dept).  The program was anchored by Yogita R Nair (S7 B Tech CSE B) and the presentation was managed by Anjali (S7 B Tech CE A) with the help of Jesto K J (S3 B Tech ECE A).

Day 5 (14 January 2022) “I am amazing”

I am amazing” is the title of a book  written by Petra  EatJuicy highlighting the  personal empowerment mantra which  activates the deep inner knowing, the radical self love and the courage to speak the truth. The fifth session of the programme was conducted on 14 January 2022  with the theme “I am amazing” and was handled by Dr. Deepa Mohan (Asso Prof, CE Dept).

Yogita R Nair (S7 B Tech  CSE B) delivered welcome speech . Anjali (S7 B Tech  CE A) served as the students volunteer to co-ordinate the program . Ms. Roshni Vijay (AP, CE Dept) introduced the guest speaker. Ms Chithra M (AP, CE Dept) proposed the  vote of thanks.

Dr. Deepa Mohan’s session motivated the participants to lead a positive life. She mentioned  the studies on how personality traits such as optimism and pessimism can affect one’s health and well-being. She emphasized on the importance of positive thinking that usually comes with optimism, which is the key part of effective stress management. The program was open for students from 11th grade.

Day 6 (15 January 2022): “Thinking in nanoscale”

The sixth and the last session of the Empowerment Programme was a talk on the topic “Thinking in Nanoscale” delivered by Dr Sobha A P (Asso Prof, AS Dept.

Sreepriya A (S3B Tech ME) delivered the welcome address. Sivakami V S ( S3 B Tech ME) coordinated the presentation slides. The session was started off with an introduction of the resource person by Dr Vineetha C P (AP, AS Dept). The session was concluded by vote of thanks by Ms Lakshmi N S (AP, PE Dept).

The overall outcome of the session was the creation of an understanding of the basic concepts of nanomaterials and its applications.