Big round of applause to Vidya students for their participation in a nationwide project idea contest ‘IdeaRun 2023’

Vidya students have the determination to rise above any situation and deliver the best results no matter the circumstances.

With an aim to generate local livelihood opportunities through the productive use of technology in underserved communities, IEEE Smart Village – South Asia Working Group had invited Student Project Ideas christened the contest  ‘IdeaRun: Pitch Your Idea’.

Seven teams from Vidya  students presented their Project Ideas exemplary well that accustomed to productive use of technology to serve the underserved.The presentation was conducted in online mode during 08-09 July 2023 at 6.30- 8.30 pm.Vidya students stand among the crowd that out of 7 teams,3 of them from first year B Tech.Vidya was the only institution that has 16 first year students participated in this nationwide project idea contest in which even PhD students were competed. More than 25 teams were presented their ideas in the contest.

The expert panel members,Mr Sanjay Patki,Dr Satish Chetwani,Dr Murty Bhavaraju,Dr Ashok Das and Ms Chhaya Bhonsle inspired the students with their illuminating ideas and suggestions.Mr Sasi K Kottayil (Vice Chair- South Asia Working Group-IEEE Smart Village) served as the moderator. IEEE club has started its activities under the mentorship of Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean – Academics, Professor, EEE Dept). Ms Akhila R (Asst Prof, EEE Dept) is co-orinating the activities in the college with the help of staff members and students.

Dr Sudha Balagopalan’s upright vision of guidance resided in our students’ presentation and served as a great source of inspiration to present at their level best.The students from S4 and S6 were expected to attend their university exam in the very next days.The  event was stimulating and simultaneously profitable as all members shared their views and good numbers of novel ideas, information and insights came up.

 # Project Team Mentor(s)
1 A Wearable Technology Project to Assist the Tremor Affected Community Aparna T Shaji (S2, EEE) (Lead) Dr. Sudha Balagopalan Dean Academics, VAST
Devika Santhosh (S2, EEE) Dr. Sethu Wariyar, Baby Memorial Hospital
Anjay Krishnan (S2, EEE) Er. Jeneesh Shanmugan, Borr Drilling
P Tarun Kumar, (S6, EEE) Er. Somraj Sahadevan, VI, Cochin
Ardra Shanmughan (S2, EEE) Er. Nidhin Dev, KLM, Netherlands
2 AI Based Early Warning System For Mitigating Human Wildlife Conflict Sanjo P Rejin  (S6, ECE) (Lead) Prof. Santumon S D, ECED, VAST
Sakthi S (S6, ECE) Er. Thomas Daniel, Retired Engineer from Nilambur
Sinan Sulaiman, (S4, ME) Er Gokul Govind, KSEB
Varundev A V (S4, ECE)
3 Potable water for seafarers using membrane
distillation technology
Swathi Krishna P S (S2, EEE) (Lead) Dr. Sobha A P, Asso Prof, VAST
Adithyan S Nair (S2, EEE) Er. Somraj Sahadevan, VI, Cochin
Devika E R (S2, EEE) Mr. Savadh Khan, Tourist boat service, Ponnani
Gopika Sunilkumar (S2, EEE) Er. Vinod T S, Kahramaa, Qatar
Goutham M G (S2, EEE)
4 Wind Analysis and Detection Software for Fisher Community Chaitra Prasad (S4, ECE) (Lead) Ms Surabhi M S, Asst. Librarian, VAST
  Gayathri Gireesh (S4, ECE) Er. Vinod T S, Kahramaa, Qatar
Gokul Krishna T (S4, EEE) Mr. Sawad, Deep Sea Fishing Expert
Harikrishnan K S (S4, EEE) Er. Somraj Sahadevan, VI, Cochin
Midhun Joshy,  (S4, EEE)
5 Fish Waste to Fertilizer Converter: Technology to Assist Women Chaitra Prasad (S4, ECE) (Lead) Prof. Anooja V S, Asst Prof,, VAST
Gayathri Gireesh (S4, ECE) Er. Somraj Sahadevan, VI, Cochin
Harikrishnan K S (S4, EEE) Er. Vinod T S, Kahramaa, Qatar
Shahaana P P (S2, EEE) Mr. Sawad, Deep Sea Fishing Expert
Gayathri Siva (S4, ECE)
6 Agribot Anjana Krishna C R (S2, EEE) (Lead) Prof. Akhila R, Asst Prof,, VAST
Adarsh K S (S2, EEE) Prof. Peeyush K P, ECED, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
Amal Sony (S2, EEE) Er. Paul Mathew, National Grid ESO, UK
Benher Johny (S2, EEE)
Fredisha K Francis (S2, EEE)
7 Agni Rekha: The Fire Belt Machine Suraj Shaju (S4, EEE) (Lead) Dr. Sudha Balagopalan Dean Academics, VAST
 Visakh T (S4, EEE) Dr. Abdhul Salam, Forest Officer
Abhishek S Nair (S6, EEE) Er. Sujesh Nair, VY Water Engineers
Karan Jacob Mathew (S4, EEE) Er. Mithun Greenol Aarya Auto, Abu Dhabi
Jeeva H M (S6, ECE)
Akhila M (S6, ECE)

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulation to all our proud students on the commendable participation in a  nationwide contest that displayed an incredible test of nerves and ability to qualify for the competition.

Hearty appreciation to Dr Sudha and all the mentors for their righteous visualization of leadership !!!