CSE Dept announces ‘Best Project Award 2023’

The highly anticipated Best Project Award 2023, organized by the esteemed CSE department was conducted on 19 June 2023 from 7 pm to 9 pm, via Google Meet. The event, headed by Dr. Ramani Bai, HOD, CSE department, aimed to recognize and appreciate the exceptional projects developed by the S8 CSE students. The coordination of the event was efficiently handled by Ms Jucy Vareed (Asst Prof, CSE Dept) and Ms Rejusha T R (Asst Prof, CSE Dept).

The event would not have been possible without the esteemed panel of judges, the proud alumni of CSE, who dedicated their time and expertise to evaluate the projects diligently. The panel included:

  1. Mr. Sebastian T F (2016 -2020), Smart Contract Engineer at Coinvise, has a deep understanding of blockchain technology and its application in building creator toolkits for on-chain communities.
  2. Mr. Abhishek Nandakumar F (2015 -2019), Technology Analyst at Infosys Pvt Ltd, whose vast experience and keen eye for technological advancements provided valuable insights to the participants.
  3. Mr. Hemanth Janesh (2016 -2020), Junior Manager – Product at Paytm, whose expertise in product development and management added immense value to the judging process.
  4. Mr. Aniruth T P (2015 – 2019), Systems Engineer in TCS Corporate R&I, whose research-oriented approach and extensive knowledge in full-stack development and Responsible AI made a significant impact on the judging criteria. His contributions to multiple patents in the mentioned research areas underscore his expertise.

Their guidance and feedback elevated the overall competition, ensuring a fair evaluation and enriching experience for all the participants.

The competition featured a remarkable display of talent and innovation, as four exceptional teams, consisting of two teams from each batch, showcased their groundbreaking projects to compete for the Best Project Award 2023.

In Batch A, Guruprasad and his dedicated team presented their project, the “Waste Monitoring and Management System.” Their project addresses the pressing global concern of waste management by leveraging advanced technological solutions.

Aadithyen and his ingenious team presented the awe-inspiring “Aimbot using Computer Vision” project. Their project displayed an exceptional understanding of computer vision and demonstrated the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry with an innovative aimbot solution.

In Batch B, Pranav Sudheer and his exceptional team showcased the project “Smart Contract Based Carpooling Application for Secure and Efficient Ride Sharing” which exhibited a unique blend of technical prowess and creativity. Their project tackled a significant challenge and proposed an ingenious solution that left a lasting impression on the panel

However, it was the team of Rajaram Reghuram, Visal K S, Vyshnav M, and Vydarsh from the S8 CSE who claimed the coveted Best Project Award 2023. Their revolutionary project, the “Sign Companion App,” was an extraordinary testament to their dedication and commitment. By leveraging advanced technology, this team developed an innovative app designed to facilitate communication through sign language, bridging the gap for individuals with hearing impairments. Their project not only showcased technical brilliance but also carried immense potential for real-world impact.

Their project stood out for its exceptional innovation, technical proficiency, and the potential to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with hearing impairments.

Special recognition is due to the project guides, Ms Beena M V (Asso Prof, CSE Dept) and Ms. Roshni Reghunathan (Asst Prof, CSE Dept)  for their unwavering guidance and expertise throughout the project. Their mentorship played a crucial role in shaping the winning project and enabling the team to achieve their goals.

CSE department celebrated the ingenuity, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence demonstrated by all the participants. The Best Project Award 2023 stands as a testament to the CSE department’s commitment to nurturing and showcasing exceptional talent within our student community.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulation to Rajaram, Visal, Vydharsh, and  Vyshnav  on this inspiring achievement .

Hearty Appreciations to all the participants and wishing all the best to all to generate and place really soaring benchmarks with you excellent quality project ideas and implementation and a huge impact on society !!!