VSEC conducts empowerment session ‘SAS’ at SoS Village

Guided extracurricular activities for school students will help  developing the personalities of children along with lighting up their enjoyable moments.

Extempore enables the students to generate and  develop ideas spontaneously. It is a grand platform to expand communication skills and improve logical thoughts.

Keeping all the above benefits in mind, a session christened ‘SAS (Smart Amiable Summit)’  was held at SOS Village Mulayam on 05 August 2023 as part of ‘Brahma-Vidya’ social outreach programme under the auspices of VSEC (Vidya Social Empowerment Center), an initiative  of Vidya International Charitable Trust (VICT). All the students put in stupendous efforts to articulate their views on different topics. The activities allowed the opportunity to explore different areas of significance, boost self-confidence, build leadership skills and even progress grades. The session was handled by Ms. Surabhi M S (Asst. Librarian , VSEC Member) along with VSEC student volunteers  Akhila M (S7, ECE Dept) and  Suraj Shaju,S5 EEE).

Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean –Academics) is playing a pivotal role for the access to SoS  village as  part of extending IEEE Smart Village, Vocational Training Programme sessions to schools of contact under VSEC and Brahma Vidya.The activities, under VSEC, are  guided by Dr Siju K C (Head of VSEC and Asst Prof, AS Dept) in the college.

Hearty appreciations to all involved!!!