S6 ME students gain practical knowledge in advanced technology used in manufacture of sophisticated moulds, dies and tools”

With an aim to bring a practical knowledge about the advancement in technology of machines, an Industrial Visit (IV) was organized for the students of S6 ME students at Jeevan Tea Factory (Highlands Tea Factory) on 14 March 2024. The students also visited RamakkalmeduI,dukki and Kodaikanal. Dr Dr Bhavin K Bharath (Asso Prof, ME Dept) , Sangeeth K K (Asst Prof, ME Dept) and Ms Bittu L. (Asso Prof, AS Dept) led the IV.The visit was organized by student co-ordinators Ashwin Sudheesh (S6, ME Dept) and Prithyu Krishna K S (S6, ME Dept).

Jeevan Tea Factory is a well-known tea processing facility located in Idukki, Kerala, India. It is renowned for producing high-quality tea products, leveraging the region’s favorable climate and fertile soil for tea cultivation. The factory likely contributes significantly to the local economy and the broader tea industry in Kerala.

While specific details about the machinery used in Jeevan Tea Factory may not be readily available, typical machines found in tea processing facilities include:

Withering machines: Used to reduce the moisture content of freshly harvested tea leaves.
Rolling machines: Employed to roll and crush the withered tea leaves, initiating oxidation.
Fermentation tanks: Where the rolled leaves are allowed to oxidize further, developing flavor and aroma.
Drying machines: Used to remove excess moisture from the fermented leaves, halting oxidation.
Sorting and grading machines: Utilized to separate tea leaves based on size, quality, and appearance.

This Industrial visit was very helpful and brought a positive change regarding Education and technical specialization. Students also learned practical knowledge about the advancement in technology of machines, use of programming in field of Mechanical engineering, different types of machines available for tool & die making , management of manpower and machines etc

Hearty appreciations to all involved !!!