EEE students get special invitation to demonstrate the project from Bio Natural Club

Vidya students and society come jointly to renovate lives in their communities through their projects .

Bio Natural Club invited Abhishek S Nair (S8, EEE Dept), Gokul P (S8, EEE Dept), Rishikesh Krishnan K (S8, EEE Dept) and Sanju P Joju (S8, EEE Dept) to present their final year project, ‘Forest Fire Detection Module’ as part of World Environment Day celebration on 05 June 2024 at Asurakund Dam Range.

The preliminary survey of the project was also done from the location where a problem statement was provided by Mr Abdul Salam (President,Bio Natural Club). The problem statement was to make a device that could detect forest fire at the earliest so that it could be prevented before spreading far. This motivated the students to make their project and they got an opportunity to demonstrate the project right from where it began.

The project has a master- capsule arrangement. The capsule senses the atmospheric parameters like temperature and sends it to the master. The master pushes the data to the server from where it could be viewed by everyone. An alarm system is also connected to the master which sounds the alarm when a fire is detected by the capsule. All this happens within seconds and the fire could be stopped before it spreads further.

The demonstration at Asurakund Dam was conducted in the presence of Mr Praveen (Machad Range Forest Officer) Mr Vinod (Vazhani Deputy Range Forest Officer) and Mr. Sebastian (S.F.O). Ms Girija Meledath (President, Mullurkara Grama Panchayath), Mr Thankappan K B (Vice president, Mullurkara Grama Panchayath), Sadhiya Hammer (Health and Education Department Standing Committee Chairperson), Mullurkara Grama Panchayath Secretary and Assistant Secretary, Forest Protection Committee President Mr Thankappan and other people from the panchayath were also present at the demonstration.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulations to Abhishek, Gokul, Rishikesh and Sanju and wishing all the best to generate a new foundation to drive solutions for conserving biodiversity and sustaining humanity !!!