ME faculty member and students publish research paper in International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews

Vidya students aims at designing and fabricating an atmospheric water generator which is capable of collecting water by condensing the water vapour present in atmospheric air.

A research paper authored by  Mr Naveen T P (Asst Prof, ME Dept), Manu Mohan V (S8, ME Dept), Rinto Rolly (S8, ME Dept),Rishikesh T P (S8, ME Dept) and Roshan P S (S8, ME Dept) has been  published  in International Journal Of Research and Analytical Reviews(IJRAR) titled design and fabrication of atmospheric water harvester.

The research paper is available at:

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulations to Mr Naveen, Manu, Rinto, Rishikesh and Roshan on this commendable triumph that strengthens the students’ capabilities and kindle them to uphold striving for focus and brilliance !!