MCA Dept bids farewell to its outgoing students

Every year, after the Project Viva by the external experts, the MCA Dept used to conduct an informal, but intensely felt programme to bid farewell to the outgoing students of the Dept. The programme used to be held immediately after the Project Viva. But this year, due to the COVID-19 induced lockdown the Project Viva was conducted by the faculty members of the Dept in the online mode. The activities connected with the Viva were completed on 4 August 2020 and the marks were uploaded to University portal on the same day itself.

Since it was not possible to have a face to face meeting in the Dept, it was decided to hold the farewell meeting in the online mode. The meeting was held at 11.00 am on 5 August 2020 using the Google Meet platform. All faculty and staff of the Dept participated in the programme. However due to connectivity problems, a few students could be present for the progreamme. However, for those present, it was an intensely felt experience. The Head of Dept, faculty and staff members spoke on the occasion and wished all the best for the outgoing students. A few students also spoke. They talked about how much the Dept cared for them in their times of difficulties and how the faculty and staff of the Dept bestowed their love and affection to the students. The Head of Dept promised to organise another farewell programme with the participation of all students of the dept once the College returns to its normal activities after the lifting of the lockdown.