Vidya Shines at IEEE Smart Village (ISV) International Conference

Vidya achieved a significant milestone as a team of 14 students, along with Dr. Sudha Balagopalan (Dean Academics) and faculty member Santumon SD (Asst Prof Dept, ECE Dept), participated in the prestigious IEEE Smart Village (ISV) International Conference held at the Institute of Technical Education and Research (ITER) in Bhubaneswar during 10-11 August 2023. This event marked a remarkable journey of empowerment and innovation.

Under the able guidance of Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean Academics, Lead, ISV South Asia Working Group), the team not only attended the conference but also left an indelible mark. The “Vocational Awareness Initiative,” which introduced school students to the electronics kit called Snap Circuit, was highly revered. This initiative has touched the lives of numerous students in schools around Thrissur and its Tamil Nadu Chapter in Tirunelveli, with the generous contributions of volunteers from VAST.

Prior to the event, a team of students, including Sanjo P Rejin (S6, ECE Dept) (Lead), Sakthi S (S6, ECE Dept), Sinan Sulaiman (S4, ME), and Varundev A V (S4, ECE Dept) had participated in the ‘IdeaRun 2023’ contest, organized by the ISV South Asia Working Group. Their project, titled ‘AI-Based Early Warning System for Mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflict,’ earned them a spot in the final round of the competition. This innovative project was presented at the 2023 IEEE Smart Village Conference, focusing on “Empowering Communities through Enterprise Development, Education, and Technologies for Productive Use of Energy.”

In addition to the IdeaRun 2023 success, another team, including Chaitra Prasad (S4, ECE Dept) (Lead), Gayathri Gireesh (S4, ECE Dept), Harikrishnan K S (S4, EEE Dept), and Gayathri Siva (S4, ECE Dept) had the privilege of presenting another project titled ‘Fish Waste to Fertilizer Converter: Technology to Assist Women’. They conducted a poster presentation at the ISV conference, showcasing Vidya Academy’s commitment to sustainable and community-driven solutions.

The enthusiasm and dedication of the students didn’t end with project presentations. Several students, Midhun Joshy (S4, EEE Dept), Akhila M (S6, ECE Dept),Jeeva H M (S6, ECE Dept), Suraj Shaju Meledath (S4, EEE Dept), Karan Jacob Mathew (S4, EEE Dept) and Visakh T (S4, EEE Dept) attended the conference as volunteers. Sinan Sulaiman (S4, ME Dept) participated in an engaging panel discussion.

The highlight of the conference was the talk delivered by Dr Sudha Balagopalan during the fourth session. Her presentation, titled ‘Hands on Mode on the Road to Vocational Training for Children,’ offered profound insights and showcased her exemplary leadership in the field of education and community development.

The event provided an exceptional platform for interaction and networking. Students had the unique opportunity to engage with distinguished figures such as Dr Satish Chetwani (Director,ERDA) and Dr Rajan Kapur (Presiden,ISV). Networking intervals allowed for meaningful connections with participants from different states and universities,further enriching the experience.

Ms Akhila R (Asst Prof, EEE Dept) co-ordinated and ensured to complete all the formalities from VAST.Mr Arun Lohithakshan (former faculty member,ME,Dept,VAST Thrissur and Asst Prof, ME Dept, VAST TC Kilimanoor) also played a pivotal role in arranging the conveyance.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending heartiest congratulation to Dr Sudha and all involved on this incredible accomplishment that presents profound knowledge and showcase exemplary guidance in the context of of education and community development !!!

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