“AquaTrack: Journey of Drops” – Rainbow Six’s prize-winning project

“Rainbow Six” was the name of the team of six S7 B Tech (CSE) students of the College which recently won the Second Prize in the finals of the Smart India Hackathon (Hardware Edition) – 2018 held at Roorkee IIT. Winning the prize competing against prestigious national institutes like IIT’s and NIT’s was a great and memorable achievement in the history of Vidya and a unique achievement for the CSE Dept of the College, which should be remembered for many years to come.

The Editorial Team of News & Events is happy to present an outline of Rainbow Six’s project in their own words (with the consent of Rainbow Six and its mentors) for the benefit of the readers of these columns.

Watch a video of the presentation of the project here.

Project title

AquaTrack: Journey of Drops

Problem statement

Drinking water transportation by tankers are SOS arrangements. Their real time, GIS based tracking right from filling to decanting would prevent the misuse.


The real-time solution that we developed is to track the route of tanker along with the driver using GPS of drivers’ smartphone and use various sensors to check the purity of the transporting water.

  • A Bluetooth module is installed on tanker to establish Bluetooth connectivity between tanker drivers’ smartphone and the tanker. This is then used as the identity of the tanker and driver using authentication and MAC id verification and all the data are continuously updated to the database of the server.
  • The data can be manipulated to verify the location of the driver and the tanker to be the same and recorded to have a full track record of water supplied locations with sensor readings of the water quality.
  • Solenoid electric valve control the flow of water at the on/off time based on Bernoulli’s theorem.
  • pH sensor checks the quality of water by measuring the hydrogen-ion activity in water and sends the pH value to the server.
  • Turbidity sensor is used to detect the presence of foreign particles if any and decide on the drinkability of the water.
  • TSD sensor determines the electrical conductivity of the water and can detect any dissolved elements.
  • Ultrasonic sensor is used for measuring the distance to calculate water quantity.
  • Arduino microcontroller act as the processing unit.
  • To organise the working effectively two mobile applications are developed. One which is for the Admin and other for the Driver. Both of which has textual authentication.
  • The Admin application can be used by the admin to hire drivers and continuously track the location of tanker and driver. Thus through the app the admin can have an overall control over the water transportation.
  • The Driver application is installed on the drivers’ smartphone and through it the driver accepts requests from the admin. The driver need to connect with the tanker using Bluetooth through the app. It also has on/off button using which the driver can open and close the solenoid valve.