Vidya’s youngest students project their projects!

It was a Demo-cum-Expo of the minor projects done by the first semester B Tech students of Vidya organised under the aegis of the Minor Research & Projects Group (MRPG) of Vidya. The Demo-cum-Expo was conducted during the long lunch break on Friday, 11 October 2019 in the Physics Lab and in the classrooms of the EEE Dept.  The MRPG, a brainchild of Dr Sudha Balagopalan, Dean-Academics, is an initiative to inculcate in the students the spirit of independent inquiry and to train newly admitted students in the independent execution of projects. The inauguration of the Demo-cum-Expo was jointly proclaimed by the Principal Dr Saji C B and the Finance Director, VICT, Mr Suresh Lal.

After participating in the Demo-cum-Expo, Dr Sudha Balagopalan remarked thus: “The youngest of Vidya’s students surprised us with either extensions of the projects done as a part of the bridge course 2019 or with fresh ideas and implementations on display. More than what the various groups did, what they aspired to do was interesting.”

The following projects were explained in detail to all visitors to the tables where the projects were on display.

1. Hyperloop

Project Team: Jamsen, John, Melvin, Riswan, Nithin, Rithi, Sandra Maria Martin (all from S1 CEB)

Mentors: Dr. Rakesh Hari, Dr. Sudha Balagopalan

Brief description:

This is an ambitious project which involves concepts of levitation, linear induction motor and a lot thorough knowledge and research on materials and control systems. The design at the conceptual stage involves DC power and reed switch and the spread out coils. However the presentation was excellent and deserves special mention for the passion and determination observed in the team regarding execution of the project.


Set-up for a toy train to extend to an entertainment park.

2. Wealth and Repairs of Infrastructure from Plastic Materials

Project Team: Students of S1 B Tech CE-A

Mentors: Dr. Sobha A P, Dr Vineetha and Prof Aswathy P

Brief description

Astonishing ideas were presented regarding use of plastics for repair of infrastructure with focus on road repair with gravel – plastic mix. More focus on removal of poisonous gases while heating the plastic was suggested and a design of the machine to accomplish this was discussed.


To do the experimentation in the roads within the campus to start with.

3. Walking Stick for the Vissually Challenged

Project Team: Franjo M G, Vinay M V, Jeevan Chacko, Manu Mohan C M, Sravan Sasi, Ashma Merlin, Gio Nibson, Hariprasad, Athul Suresh, Prince Suresh (all fromS1 B Tech  EEE)

Mentors: Dr Pratheesh, Prof Liju Augustine, Prof Neenu Thomas

Brief description

First appreciations are due for the successful completion of a Robot cleaner by this group, which though would have grown into a commercial product, if the plans were fully implemented, were diverted into assistive technologies and used the components they had used in the Robot project. The walking stick that the students then developed for the visually challenged is complete except for the incorporation of the software. The hardware includes a sensor with the controller with buzzer to inform the carrier of the stick about the obstructions. Extensions planned are a vibratory bracelet, speech conversions regarding the obstructions improving the angle of vision of the stick, aesthetics, etc.

Suggestions: To find a deserving candidate and hand-over the completed stick to him/ her in a public function of the college

4 Incinerator

Project Team:  Midhukrishna, Anamika, Rohini, Sumith, Harikrishnan, Christo, Binto, Athul S enon, Athira. Samuel (all from S1 B Tech ECE), Renjal, Helen, Reshma, Sandra Alappat (all from B Tech CE), Vinay, Jasir (S1 B Tech EEE)

Mentors: Prof Deepak, Dr Sudha Balagopalan, Prof Swapana


Another project that was remarkably executed in the bridge course was the solar based incinerator which they plan to develop even further into a holistic system for using the slag, soot, ash and heat for alternate uses including the development of a desktop incinerator cum mobile charger. The attitude of this group is highly encouraging since cohesion between branches, escalation of ambitions, awareness for the environment, empathy towards the unfortunate are all encompassed in their project ideas that continue to evolve.

5 Medi Look App

Project Team: Abel John, Abdul Khader, AadithyeN, Guruprasad, Adhvaidh Vas P, Ameesha, Amrita Anand (all from B tech CE A)

Mentors Prof Amal Ganesh

Brief description

The work and presentation were excellent. The app has almost all features that can be desired by a bystander of a patient, especially with minimal support being either poor, elderly or with no one else to turn to, to fetch prescription medicine. Most of the features of the app are to be applicable in a free software platform. The database has to be replenished with more suitable pharmaceutical companies and a google map navigation equivalent.

Suggestions: To link with Arogyakeralam/ National Health Mission and similar Govt. schemes to be useful to the needy and also give rise to a win-win situation; Seek help from some of our leading app developers for more versatility and utility

7. Vast Blood Bank APP

Project Team: Thashreef, Rashmi, Sriya, Hari Govind, Raina, Vishnu Anil Kumar, Rohith (all from B tech CSE B)

Mentors: Prof Ravishankar

Another useful app that was developed as an outcome of students who worked as NSS volunteers in this short span of time is an ‘interactive’ application whereby , at present, all possible donors in VAST and the needy in nearby hospitals & blood banks are interconnected for speedy delivery of healthy blood to the needy recipients. The major concern addressed is the wastage of blood that is reported in cities like Delhi. The ambition of the students and their mentor is to have a spider like web connecting all the donors in colleges and schools to the blood banks where such an important app is still not reported as operational.

Suggestions: To link with Arogyakeralam/ National Health Mission and similar Govt. schemes to be useful to the needy and also give rise to a win-win situation; Seek help from some of our leading app developers for more versatility and utility