Vaikhari 2020: Magazine by Vidya’s NSS Technical Cell launched

On the occasion of Vishu, the NSS Technical Cell of Vidya launched its magazine. The 202 page magazine, Vaikhari 2020, presents the journey of Vidya’s NSS Technical Cell over the past five years as well as the experiences of NSS volunteers. The magazine was launched using the Zoom platform and the Facebook page of Vidya by Principal Dr Saji C B and Dean Dr Sudha Balagopalan. Mr Anil M, NSS Programme Officer, is the Chief Editor of the magazine. Shreebha M S, Sreehari A M and Sreelekha A are the editors. The PDF copy of the magazine (quite hefty with a size of 196 MB!) was shared to all. The magazine committee included Naveen P V, Alfred George, Fayas Mohammed, Nirmal Bino, Anjana, Nivedya, Athul, Binto and Mijo, all NSS volunteers.
Vaikhari 2020 can be accessed HERE.
Video of the launching ceremony